Minecraft: Freekenstein migrating to MinecraftForge

So I’ve been running this vanilla minecraft server for my nephew for a while now. Today he asked me to install something called Dynmap for him. After looking into it I learn it requires a mod API for minecraft and that it’s not going to work with the vanilla server. So I’m going change up my stable, vanilla server. Yay for family!

After doing a bit of research I decided to give MinecraftForge a try. It’s pretty easy to install. Just head over to the site, select the version you want and download the installer. After that just run that and be sure not to install it in the same folder where you have your vanilla minecraft server installed. After that you are all good to go! …Unless you have an existing world running on your vanilla server and your nephew wants to continue in that world… ><

Ok, so I have to migrate the world to the new server as well, no biggy. Just copy the world folder and all the property files (server.properties and all the .json files) to the directory where you’ve just installed MinecraftForge. Ow and don’t forget eula.txt either… Else you get that error where you ‘haven’t accepted the EULA’…

Now I’m good to start up the server to see if all survived the migration to the MinecraftForge server. I use a .bat file to run the server so that I can control the amount of memory it eats. Here’s what’s in the .bat file:

“C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_91\bin\java.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -d64 -jar forge-1.10-


I’m hoping the 1024mb ram is going to be sufficient to run this thing, it has been so far.

After verifying that the migration didn’t break the game I added the Dynmap mod to the server. This was a fairly straight forward process. Just download the latest .jar from their site, place it in the mods directory of the MinecraftForge server and restart it. Just don’t forget to add port 8123 (TCP) to the firewall exceptions of your server else nobody will be able to view it.

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